Reiki is a gentle form of energy medicine. It works on the energetic level of our being.

It is based on the premise that the body already knows how to heal itself naturally. With focused intent & awareness, the practitioner is able to channel Reiki (universal life force energy) to you to promote healing and relaxation on a deep level. Reiki can be done hands on or hands off.

Distance and time is not an issue, so Reiki sessions can be done virtually, or even to aid with upcoming events (for example, an upcoming surgery or exam).

The strength of Reiki is that it builds us up. It adds more positive forces (high vibrational energy) to our energy field,

keeping the stressors (low vibrational energy) we are consistently challenged with in check.

Cumulative sessions build resilience, and along with a continued commitment to doing our own inner work, it is also possible to witness changes within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our bodies. 

This is why I combine Reiki in Subconscious Imprinting sessions!

The incredible thing about Reiki is it's well studied, and has also been integrated in hospitals.

A number of studies have been completed on its benefits - feel free to check out the Center for Reiki Research.

One of the studies I read found that 10 min of Reiki was as effective as physiotherapy in improving range of motion for those with restricted shoulder mobility!


Relax & Recharge



has to be when my client brought her 10 year old in to see me (she let her son know he was going to be seeing an energy healer)

He asked me several questions about Reiki and crystals as the treatment proceeded.

When it came to the Reiki portion of the treatment, I almost chuckled when he exclaimed, “I can feel the energy going inside me!” Afterwards, he remarked he felt so calm (and wanted to know why).

It is such a gift to be able to provide treatments for children, as most have not yet developed a lot of the belief systems that bind us adults in disbelief or make us cynical.

Ultimately, I believe there is so much about how the human body heals that we have yet to uncover and everyone responds differently.

I am forever in gratitude for all the different ways I am able to facilitate healing and change, and am always on a quest to provide the most holistic treatment possible for you!


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