Subconscious Imprinting Practitioner & Reiki Master

I guide you back to your inner compass, so you can create your soul's highest purpose, through Subconscious Imprinting, Reiki & Bodywork.




I’m a former Registered Nurse turned Healer: specializing in Subconscious Imprinting & Reiki.

My approach (in life and with my clients) is best described as sweet and salty. 

I am creative and innovative in creating a safe and sacred space, in which you feel completely nurtured and taken care of.


I don't shy away from adversity. Discomfort. Brutal honesty. When done from a place of love and respect, it can facilitate miracles.

You should know: I expect YOU to be a team player. You must be the one that choose change, even if it is difficult.

I, along with your other chosen team members (your doctor, partner, friends, family etc) will be there to support and celebrate with you along the way.



Healing sessions are available over Zoom


Reiki is a gentle form of energy medicine. It creates change within the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your body, by addressing the energetic body (the environment around us). Think of how much calmer and clearer you feel once you've cleaned and tidied up your house; even though...


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Edmonton, Alberta

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